Bertus Cargo Bikes

An affordable, long cargo bike built by a leading Dutch manufacturer. Strength and safety are not compromised in this budget priced model, and quality components are used throughout including Shimano hubs and brakes. The box can be self-assembled and the steel frame splits in two, allowing for easy transportation. Rear carrier may be fitted as an optional extra.

Up to 4 Children in box

  • 2 Children on Bench + 1 Baby in Maxi-Cosi (or similar) carseat with bracket
  • 2 Children on Bench + 2 Toddlers/Babies in White Woolly rear-facing safety seats
  • 3 Children: 2 on Bench + 1 in optional extra, forward facing bench
Milano bertus cargo bike

Bertus Cargobike

Dimensions: Length 253cm x width 63cm
Colour: Black
Lighting: Battery

Gear Options

Shimano 7 speed with roller brakes NN7 £1,399
Pendix mid drive electric assist: add to price PE £1,649
Schwalbe Marathon Plus Tyres £70
Double bench cushion thin £28
Single bench cushion thick £42
Extra bench seat (fitted) £73
Maxi-Cosi frame bottom mount £81
Maxi-Cosi frame bench mount £98
White woolly baby seat £76
White woolly toddler seat £76
Flat box cover – red, cream or black £59
Child’s rain tent red – black – yellow –
cream – silver £205
Rain tent extra high with zip sides
black – cream £254
Bike cover IDT black / silver £65
Quick release seat post £17
Rear carrier £65
Axa Victory lock upgrade £35
Axa plug-in lock chain (w Victory upgrade): 1mtr £21
Axa plug-in lock chain (w Victory upgrade): 1.4mtr £23
Delivery within mainland UK 90