Urban Arrow Cargo Bikes

Visit Urban Arrow website for up to date information. Urban Arrow aims to make attractive, high quality cargo bikes that use the latest technologies and materials to move people and freight through town in the greenest, fastest way.
Urban Arrow are continuously developing, testing, and improving their bicycles and accessories to make the user experience as satisfactory as possible. In 2010 and 2013 this resulted in 2 international awards.

Urban Arrow Family Cargo Bike

Urban Arrow Family

The Family and Shorty are cargo bikes with a lightweight aluminium frame, electric assist and continuously variable gear transmission by Enviolo for agility and manoeuvrability. They have a shockproof foam (EPP) box for robust protection of your children, and a sturdy step to assist them with climbing in. The protective Hebie chain-guard prevents any contact with the moving chain. Together with practical accessories such as an extra front bench or extra child’s seat on the back, you can completely customise the model to meet your family needs.

Frame – Aluminium
Forks – Steel
Front wheel – 20 inch/ rear wheel – 26 inch
Tyres – Schwalbe Big Apple Plus
Gears -Nuvinci continuously variable hub
Brakes – Shimano rollerbrakes or Shimano hydraulic disk
Mudguards – SKS

Colours  Black or White

Model Options
Family Active Plus Roller brake
400watt/hr battery
Family Performance Disc brake
400watt/hr battery
Family Bosch CX Disc brake
500watt/hr battery
Shorty EPP Active Plus Roller brake
400watt/hr battery
Shorty EPP Performance Disc brake
400watt/hr battery
Shorty EPP Bosch  CX Disc brake
500watt/hr battery

Electric Assist System

Motor: Bosch crank drive (with walk function for pedestrianised areas)
Battery: Bosch Li-ION Power Pack in 400Wh or 500Wh
Power: 250W
Range: 15 – 60 miles (dependent on load, terrain, pedaling effort)
Charge time: maximum 5 hours (from flat)

Extra front bench £169
Maxi-Cosi adaptor £189
Yepp Mini adaptor £85
Rain cover £275
Rain poncho (for rider: connects to tent) £95
Flat box cover £85
Rear carrier (fitted) £85
Luggage net £85
Floor mat £45
Bike cover Parka £149
Box cover Family £95
Box cover  Shorty £95
Dual battery kit both models £299
Lockable hood Shorty £419
Child seat adapter C15 (needs Bracket) £99
Child seat adapter C22 (needs Bracket) £109
Shorty bracket 2018 for seat adapters £109