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Interesting articles about Cargo bikes and Trikes in the news.

Daily Mail sees the appeal of e-cargotrikes

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The Daily Mail have looked at the 4 seater e-cargotrike and the 6 seater De Redding e-trike and seen the appeal. Their article includes an interview with Hugh from The School Run Centre – see here.

Katy Hill volunteers to do the school run

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From Hello Magazine

Would you be prepared to give just 60 minutes of your time to help others and, in doing so, honour the Queen in her Diamond Jubilee year?

TV favourite Katy Hill is among several celebrities who’s teamed up with HELLO! and the Prince of Wales in a campaign encouraging people to volunteer.

“We need to encourage each other on this crazy journey, and giving an hour is such a positive thing to do, and such a great way to celebrate the Jubilee Year,” adds the former Blue Peter presenter, who used her amazing bicycle to do the school run for other parents (pictured).

Cargobikes are safer than childseats, “the best of both worlds”

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The German automobile club ADAC aanhangkar showed both a bike with a bike with child seat crash with an obstacle. Both the rate of 25kilometer per hour. The trailer remained upright and the dummy passenger was unharmed. But the bike seat was ugly undermine. The doll in the seat was damaged thereby. “Of course, the trailer even safer,” says Dear Vermoere, bicycle federal official. “The European Union has recently submitted to the European Standards Institute safety standards for bicycle carts asked to draw. This example may be that the children’s hand at any time in the spokes should be. Or your back, feet and head to be adequately protected. Now you often see bike trailers that are built entirely in sailing. For bicycle safety seats that are also already ‘ Roel De Cleen of Cyclists already said several studies have shown that bicycle trailers are safer than bike seats. “It is not the chair itself dangerous, or their position as high back on the bike. In a trailer you’re closer to the ground. So if you fall, you fall less high. ” “A trailer also has two wheels. This provides more stability than the one in which the child seat is rear mounted. You would also face in a car that a truss is that the whole body safe. ” There was a time feared that the trailer was so low that they would not be visible to drivers. “That turns out not to be. On the contrary, “says De Cleen. “Motorists are less eager to pass such a wide monster stabbing a small bike.” Best, most expensive De Cleen indicates that the bike boxes but not the cargo bikes are the safest. “In those bikes with a front bucket, two children are transported safely. The cargo bike is the best of both worlds . You the user of the chair that is always ready to bike, a trailer while it always needs confirmation. And in the cycle, the children just as in the cart secure stable, as low to the ground. ” But safety and convenience have their price. The tricycle cost 2.000euro quickly. A trailer will cost 500euro. You have a seat since 100euro.

Helping Santa

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Happy Christmas from The School Run Centre.

To see a slideshow featuring more pictures of us helping Santa, please click here.

Main picture courtesy of Cambridge Matters magazine.

Reviews in The Week

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More praise for the Cargobike and the Onderwater Family Tandem, this time from The Week.

The Times – School run’s fun with a boxcycle

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A lovely article on the lifestyle benefits of owning a bakfiets in The Times yesterday.Please click on the images below to read it.

I Bike Cambridge

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We’ll be at The Big Weekend with I Bike Cambridge on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of July on Parkers Piece. There will be demonstration bicycles at the event, and even an opportunity for kids to paint the side of a Cargobike!


1st anniversary

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Cambridge Dutchbikes Ltd  is celebrating 1 year of opening the “School Run Centre” in Hope Street Yard Cambridge CB1 3NA

A trendsetting initiative nationally we focus on advice and retailing of bicycles, tricycles and accessories designed for the transportation of children. We are making an increasing contribution to relieveing the road and congestion outside schools, reducing polution and our bikes have a positive effect on local communities, our users tend to shop locally and have greater on-street contact with other parents and people.

In the last year we have been involved and supported many events,bike week 2009  the Cambridge Buskers Festival, The Darwin College Centenary fringe festival, transported Santa Claus in the Christmas Light switch-on proccession, campaigned for the Green Party. A recent topper is documented online

Please see the recent article in the Cambridge Evening News covering our anniversary.

Hugh Salt MD