The German automobile club ADAC aanhangkar showed both a bike with a bike with child seat crash with an obstacle. Both the rate of 25kilometer per hour. The trailer remained upright and the dummy passenger was unharmed. But the bike seat was ugly undermine. The doll in the seat was damaged thereby. “Of course, the trailer even safer,” says Dear Vermoere, bicycle federal official. “The European Union has recently submitted to the European Standards Institute safety standards for bicycle carts asked to draw. This example may be that the children’s hand at any time in the spokes should be. Or your back, feet and head to be adequately protected. Now you often see bike trailers that are built entirely in sailing. For bicycle safety seats that are also already ‘ Roel De Cleen of Cyclists already said several studies have shown that bicycle trailers are safer than bike seats. “It is not the chair itself dangerous, or their position as high back on the bike. In a trailer you’re closer to the ground. So if you fall, you fall less high. ” “A trailer also has two wheels. This provides more stability than the one in which the child seat is rear mounted. You would also face in a car that a truss is that the whole body safe. ” There was a time feared that the trailer was so low that they would not be visible to drivers. “That turns out not to be. On the contrary, “says De Cleen. “Motorists are less eager to pass such a wide monster stabbing a small bike.” Best, most expensive De Cleen indicates that the bike boxes but not the cargo bikes are the safest. “In those bikes with a front bucket, two children are transported safely. The cargo bike is the best of both worlds . You the user of the chair that is always ready to bike, a trailer while it always needs confirmation. And in the cycle, the children just as in the cart secure stable, as low to the ground. ” But safety and convenience have their price. The tricycle cost 2.000euro quickly. A trailer will cost 500euro. You have a seat since 100euro.