Frequently asked questions:

Is the Cargobike a safe vehicle?

Yes, because the children sit fast with three-point harnesses in a tough wooden box. The kids sit in front of the rider. Thus you can keep an eye on them. The box is low to the ground which brings the center of gravity very low. This makes the bicycle extremely stable. In comparison with a normal bicycle it is thus possible to safely transport much more weight. For many people its still possible to cycle with kids on the front and back of a regular bicycle, but as soon as they get a little bigger it becomes much more difficult. Many people quit cycling because they no longer dare or because they have fallen.

Can the bakfiets always stay outside?
Yes. The Cargobike is designed to withstand wind and weather. During the development of the bicycle the fact that many people cannot bring the bicycle inside was considered. Materials of very high quality that can go for years are used.

Until what age can the children ride in the Cargobike?
That depends on various factors, for example the weight of the child. Thanks to the low center of gravity you can comfortably transport kids on the Cargobike long after it would be much too heavy with a regular bicycle. Children of six years old are still carried in the Cargobike.

Why does the Cargobike ride so lightly?
Through the cunning geometry of the Cargobike and the low center of gravity you hardly notice all that weight. Both loaded and empty the Cargobike steers very lightly and you can take along quite a lot.